Remote Meter Readout System



The WAVEFLOW IPC system enables the introduction of a fairer water and gas consumption billing system according to the real consumption in a billing period. With the system installed, almost the infinite number of consumer’s meter readouts is possible, literally with a touch of a finger. 

One of the most important, if not the most important value of this system is, in the case of pipe rupture, the module sends alarm messages in real time, which would ultimately rescue of human life, and saving valuable inventory.

Remote meter readout for gas and water allows fully automated readout of the entire distribution system from one location to the pre-defined schedule or on demand. The control of the distribution system is enabled, as well as early detection of faults in pipes, meters or equipment for remote reading. Besides the devices, an integral part of the system are also applications for readout control. Application on the field computers records field device setting up and systems control outside of central location. Central application provides meters readout, data exchange with the ERP system and system control.

Remote readout of emptying bins and waste containers allows recording of collected waste and fairer billing for garbage collection according to really collected volume.

MainFlowIPC is a remote radio readout of water and gas meters. Compatible with smart (Smart meter) and pulse counters of many manufacturers. Through close cooperation with manufacturers and partners, the system completely and in the most advanced way, uses Wavenic iRadiotech technology.

The system DOB MainFlowIPC is not just a software solution. It is a concept that should enable the successful implementation of a demanding construction of a project of DOB. Measures are embedded into the solution that lead to a steadily increasing readability and accuracy of the system and enable project monitoring of a construction thanks to the many reports available and the mechanism for issuing and monitoring work orders. The system is self documenting, while the construction is based on tools that enable ad hoc assembly without excessive planning in advance.


Parts of the system where there is no built in radio network, only meters from the radio module can be read by the principle of walk by. Walk by DOB system is a remote meter readout within range of the module on the meter itself. This means that when we must move close enough for a readout: but we don’t need to enter a home or garden users and that is essential. The most common version of the walk by system is a terminal with which a meter man, in charge for the readouts visiting the area, does the readouts. It is necessary to prepare the data before reading and reception of data after reading. Medimurje IPC has developed an innovative version of a walk by named JustWalkIPC system, that eliminates many disadvantages of the standard walk by in means of ways of reading.


Just Walk IPC is an innovative system of remote meter readouts that brings the benefits of a stationary(fixed) readings in the area of walk by system. The idea behind the system is an automatic guidance to the meter and an automatic readout at the same time. Ultimately, the meter man only needs to turn on the terminal, put it in his pocket and get close enough to each meter.It does not require preparation of data in the form of a path and it does not require data transfer after readings. The system is ON LINE and information end up in the database at the moment of reading. In essence it is the same system as the fixed reading and will later move on to a larger system to be a part of a fixed network.