Public Petrol Stations

Whether looking for a solution for one petrol station or a network of petrol stations, Hektor6 is the right solution. The prerequisite of full functionality of the system are measurement devices equipped with electronic meters, which will be controlled by industrial controllers, such as DOMS PSS5000 or Hectronic KOPPEL elektronic.

Hektor6 - a result of our own development. Modular system for petrol station management, which consists of two main parts: Front office (cash registers) and Back office.

  • Front office - all POS functions with the measurement devices managed by standard industrial controllers (DOMS PSS5000, Hectronic FC). By POS functions we mean recording sales by downloading data from industrial controllers, entering quantities and selecting items, different types of payment (cash, credit cards, vouchers, theft, calibration etc). Issuing R1 receipts with the data from local database.
  • Back office - based on the data collected by the cash register, daily calculations, input / output documents, and various reports can be made. Depending on the version, processing of master data and inventory making are also enabled.

It is entirely developed by IT company Međimurje-IPC primarily for the sale of fuel and additional consumer goods in petrol station. Currently supports two different industrial controllers for management of measuring devices (DOMS PSS 5000 and KOPPEL elektronic) and several type of systems for measuring and download data from sonde in tanks (ULTRA, HECTRONIC, VEEDER-ROOT)

The system supports the full management at petrol stations

  • enrolment and sale of merchandise
  • enrolment and sale of fuel through the metering device controllers
  • enrolment and sale of fuel over autofuel refuelling system
  • monitoring the level of fuel in tanks through the measuring sonde and controllers
  • transfer data to and from a headquarters data center


In addition to the basic version of Hector, the pay@pump module with measuring devices that have EFTPOS (VeriFone), allows the use of a petrol station without the crew (second and third shift). Module allows fuel dispensers after a positive pre-authorization, and without entering the store, receipt printing at the measuring device (dispenser).

Allows oil company or gas station:

  • greater competitiveness on the market
  • the introduction of self-service zone at gas stations
  • the extension of the sales 7x24x365 with an increase in profit
  • integration into the existing IT structure
  • raising the quality of services