Internal Petrol Stations

Equipment and solutions for petrol stations without a crew within a plant for a limited number of vehicles. Depending on the needs, the vehicle identification is implemented with magnetic cards, contactless cards or AVR (automatic vehicle identification) system. Automatisation can include measuring the fuel level in tank probes.

Self-service OPT (Outdoor Payment Terminal) - there are different variants of OPTs whose main task is to control measurement devices (dispensers), identification and authorization of a card holder and data transfer data to the master system. Probes for measuring the fuel level in underground tanks can be also connected to a self-service device.

Identification cards- for using a self-payment device and/or authorization, it is necessary to personalize the cards that will identify the user of the system

  • Magnetic cards - for OPTs equipped with a magnetic card reader
  • Contactless cards - for OPTs equipped with Proxy or Mifare readers

ATG - Automatic measurement of fuel level in tanks, probes, conversion of levels into volume and normalization of volume at 15 degrees.

AVR (Automatic vehicle recognition) – OPT can be equipped with a receiver that replaces card readers and pendants, and accepts additional information from a vehicle (driver card, mileage or hours of work). To begin with the filling no additional drivers involvement is needed, except putting the nozzle into the opening of the fuel tank.

Fleet - vehicle identification device is connected with a tachograph and antenna for reading the driver’s card, or detecting the presence of the nozzle in the fuel tank opening.

Retail - vehicle identification is performed by a transmitter positioned on the measuring device, which reads the identification mark on the fuel tank opening.