Parking Ticket Collection And Control System

Parking ticket collection and control system 

In these extremely dynamic times, it is important to best use and manage the parking space, which requires an automatic parking payment and control. The system consists of software solutions and equipment, as well as the necessary organizational knowledge required for setting up the system.

The introduction of the automatic charging and control of parking system is for each new user a very special project. Each individual installation requires professional planning and implementation.

We offer customers our own extensive experience in the form of analysis (status report) up until project design of complete systems with project documentation, cost estimations and timelines for implementation.The functioning of the parking system is based on the current City decisions. As part of the project design, current decisions are being commented and new proposals are introduced. The joint action of the concessionaire, the City and us, as the supplier of the system, guarantees the overall success of the project.


The solution, on which the system of parking ticket control and charging is based, is the IP MARIS. The program was developed exclusively by Međimurje IPC. It is based on modern technologies and takes care of all business processes in the collection and control of parking tickets.


MarisIPC IP system consists of


Different sales channels of parking products such as:


  • Mobile payment (SMS parking)
  • Ticket sales through the parking machines
  • Sales of electronic parking tickets through a system of kiosks TISAK
  • Sales through the Web platform- WebPark
  • In the office sales

Control of parking payment and background data processing:


  • Generating and collecting field data on offenders and issuing penalties through portable terminals and printers
  • Central administration data processing with functions of cash register, CRM, database, communication with the MIP (Ministry of internal affairs), the module to create and send invoices, issue a warning and enforce.


After the system implementation, IPC offers several maintenance and user support models (Help Desk Service). The fact that the system is stationed on IPC servers,

makes users free of care and responsibility for data security.