Parking Machines

Even though there are many ways of charging a parking today such as sms parking, buying the ticket through smart phones and tablets, a parking machine is still in the center of attention and is a sinonym for every serious parking system.

Top quality, great design and reliability aren’t just the only characteristics that make a parking machine Citea unique. High device modularity, such as complete computer program handling of the machine, various possibilities of establishing a communication with the machine make the investment in the machine a sefe investment long term. Parking machine Citea is a product of a renowned manufacturer Hectronic. The machine is certified in all areas of quality and safety.

In its most standard form the machine can accept coins, it is solar powered and we deliver it programmed and ready to work immediately. The kit includes basic grid, a pole and a parking sign. Optionally the machine can be equipped to accept bills. The specificity of Hectronic machines is the real vault that protects the money.

IPC is the exclusive distributor of the Hectronic products.

Charging the parking would be much more difficult without the Hectronic products. Swiss precision, German reliability and Croatian flexibility are all combined in a product that is delivered to a customer with an added value. Hectronic machines and solutions are completely adapted for the European market.

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