HecTwin Closed Parking System

Closed  parking system HecTwin

HECTWINIPC is a unique system for the parking ticket collection in open and closed parking spaces.

HecTwin are the input-output terminals by parking machines manufacturer Hectronic. Based on HecTwin terminal and awell known parking machine CITEA, IPC introduces  a new combo system HECTWINIPC. The system allows (simultaneously!) charging in the closed and open types of parking, on a public as well as private property. The system can be combined up to unlimited number of independent input, output and collection of payments posts. For example, three inputs, two outputs and two parking machines as toll stations for indoor parking and nearby street parking. When buying HECTWINIPC you can choose between two types of barrier from renowned manufacturers as well as a range of options for charging (eg.cash, credit cards) on parking machines. HECTWINIPC system can be upgraded with a POS cash register with all kinds of parking payment.