Parking Solutions


IPC, as the only supplier in the Croatian market, is capable of offering an integrated parking control system which includes parking machines, smsparking and sms parking control, a communication with the MUP RH (Croatian Police) vehicle owner database, all based on our very own program solution. The solution includes a background IT system and the field devices. The system function is the sale of parking products through a central and field (fiscalised) registers, parking control and the issuance of parking tickets and daily parking tickets with a warrant. The IP*Maris system completely automates all the parking business processes.

IPC offers consulting services during the defining stage of the parking conditions including the prepositions of the local-town authorities resolutions, prepositions on the way parking service is established and other prerequisites. It is altogether directed towards a successful implementation of a parking payment and parking control based on a turn-key system.

The system for automated parking payment in open or closed car parks with parking control consists of a stand alone parking slot manufactured by HECTRONIC Kienzle, LPR system for automatic recognition of OCR license plates and applications for recording issued payment orders, warnings and lawsuits, as well as field computers used by human controllers at parking areas for keeping evidence of perception and issuance of a parking ticket or non-payment of parking.

Medimurje IPC is an associated member of HPU - Croatian Parking Association

Croatian Parking Association is the national professional association for the ticket collection and control of parking and a standstill traffic. On a voluntary basis gathers all implementers of payment for parking and interested  bidders that offer solutions and equipment, as well as individuals that deal with parking. The importance of NGO is in the joint participation of the profession towards the institutions such as the Ministry of Internal affairs, the Constitutional Court, the Ministry of Finance and others, as well as providing services such as m-parking's.