Network Engineering

IPC offers innovative communication solutionsand is one of the very few companies that can offer a complete business solution with an emphasis on an individual approach to the needs of users. We are technologically independent and support all the world's leading platforms. Thanks to this fact, our knowledge and experience, users now operate with only one partner applying solutions that are tailored to their business requirements.

The network is a critical point of business operation. A well set up network system can improve performance by accelerating the work of business applications and allowing real time data exchange. Upgradeable network provides the desired efficiency of the selected network equipment and a faster implementation of business solutions. Built-in intelligence and network self-protection ensure business continuity.

Local area network

A computer network is a term today without which it is hard to imagine any activities. Most of the activities on computers require some form of networking, but more often this requirement is extended to the connection to the Internet. For all of these services to function flawlessly, it is necessary to have a high quality and reliable local network.

Today, the standard for the local network is gigabit ethernet. Network with hundreds of megabits speeds are still acceptable, but slower than that is simply too slow for the concept of linking that is today considered a standard.

IPC offers services of documenting the current state of the network, system upgrades planning, construction upgrades, network testing and consulting services related to the local network.

Wireless networks

In the ​​wireless networks segment, we are using devices from companies Ubiquiti and Mikrotik. Through long experience of implementation we  ensure they provide the best price/performance/reliability value. The wireless networks set up in offices and business premises we perform Ubiquitijevoj UniFi or Mikrotikovoj CAPsMAN platform, providing excellent scalability and extensive configuration options.

Connecting multiple objects in a business complex is performed using AirMax platform and devices of a secondary orientation. A speed ​​exceeding 100 Mbps in both directions thanks to the TDMA protocol and reliability and central administration, which are just some of the benefits of AirMax platform. Connecting multiple locations within the same place or aa neighbourhood  are also performed using the AirMax platform with a focus on devices with higher level of  orientation.

Structured cabling

Structured cabling represents an installation of a cable network system with multiple applications, implemented as a single system or multiple subsystems within one or more building, with the possibility to be connected together. Structured cabling should provide a sufficient number of multiple purpose ports, which purpose and scope of use shall be determined by the user according to their needs.

Connecting remote locations

VPN (virtual private network) allows connection of remote locations into a unified and closed network data network. VPN network is a reliable, safe and affordable way to connect physically remote locations. There are different data transfer rates tailored to your business needs and adding new locations to the network is really eas

Most providers offer service linking separate locations, but that service is mostly expensive and requires from you using the services of the same provider on all of your locations. Our solution, on the other hand, works no matter which provider you have in that location, and regardless of the internet access speed you have agreed on.