Data Security

In today's world information processed digitally are crucial for the work of the vast majority of companies. As there are many dangers that can threaten the availability of important data, it is important to organize the tools and mechanisms with which these hazards can be maximally reduced.

ESET antivirus software

Antivirus software is an indispensable software ,recommended to be installed on each computer. Although a full range of both commercial and free solutions appear on the market, not all the solutions provide the same level of security. ESET Endpoint Security product line for a number of years already imposes itself as an ideal security solution and independent tests prove it year after year. In versions tailored specifically for workstations as well as servers you will get antivirus solution that burden the system resources minimaly, while providing maximum level of security.

Next-generation firewall

In addition to infection by malicious software (viruses, spyware, etc.) on single workstations, there are other threats that target other parts of the IT infrastructure. Next-generation firewall is a solution that monitors all traffic that is exchanged between your network and the Internet and thus protects from the dangers that might otherwise jeopardize the security of the system. Packed with features such as Deep Packet Inspection and Sandboxing, next generation firewall solutions raise the level of security to the highest possible.


All electronic devices, including servers, are subject to failures. If a component such as a processor brakes, replacing the defective part , a server continues to function. The problem is if a fault occurs on your hard drive (or RAID controller). Then there is the risk of loss of all data on the server. Another danger occurs in the form of attacks by malicious software that can delete or lock the user data on the server. The third danger is accidental or intentional deletion of data by the user. All these dangers can be neutralized by quality backups. Backup is a mechanism that produces a copy of the user data to an isolated place, which can be used to return the system in the proper state, if the data on the server are ,for any reason, lost.