Data Center

IPC Data center  has two dedicated rooms with a total area of ​​133 m2 (for accommodating 80 server cabinets - RACKS), and it is located in the part of commercial building specially constructed for this purpose (double ceiling, floating floor on a metal structure height of 60 cm to accommodate communication installation, installation of a fire alarm, fire fighting installation with an inert gas, glassed room, a back door for the delivery of equipment). Data center is under a constant video surveillance and it is equipped with motion sensors inside the room (as well as the whole office building). Video surveillance system has a continuous, 24-hour connection with the security company. Entrance to the data center is limited and strictly controlled. Entrance is equipped with a biometric lock for access control or limited access. Data center is air-conditioned full time. Electricity for the office building and data center is provided from our own electricity substation of high acces voltage. In case of an electric power failure, in addition to UPS,  we have an alternative electric power source - our own diesel engine and a generator with the power of 140 kVA and an automatic inclusion within 4 seconds. As communications link to the Internet, we have three independent optical connectors of different providers of very high permeability.

Remote data storage service

The Remote data storage service is primarily intended for users of ERP systems MARIS and POS * Net for daily archiving of the data on the IPC server system in Čakovec data center. The service is executed every day at the appointed time (usually at night, at time when the system is least active). The service ensures maximum data security due to any problems with data storing on the user's location.

Business continuity

Business continuity is a service activated in case of failure on your server system, due to which it could  prevent normal operation of employees in the ERP system MARIS. In this case, we can ensure the continued operation on the IPC server system 1-2 hours max after the failure, up until the return of your server to normal operation. A prerequisite for the service is the virtualization of the user's physical server.

Co-location of your servers and other ICT equipment in the data center

Considering the safety standards of our data center, especially regarding alternative power supply from its own diesel aggregate and generator, moving your servers to IPC data center ensures your company having a higher level of security.

Servers rental in IPC data center

More and more companies are leaving the concept of working on their own servers and switchesand moving  to the IPC servers in our own data center by paying affordable monthly rent. This avoids a cost of  investment into an initial purchase as well as ongoing maintenance of server infrastructure, systematic software support and related services.