Paperless Office

Invoices and contracts are just some of the documents we are meeting with in everyday business. In case of medium and large companies, the documents are often exchanged among employees, and often copied in more copies. When a company manages a greater amount of documents there are business problems which are most often caused by slow administration, poor communication between the sectors responsible for the processing and documentation, as well as the loss of the documents that "travel" through the company. The company becomes sluggish machine and starts losing battle with the competition that learned on time that the most important business processes are based on the flow of business documents.

Through the introduction of "paperless office" internal optimization is achieved,  through acceleration of business and reduced costs, while the way of doing business with external entities is still defined by arrangement. A good part of the accounting documents can already be received in electronic form (e-Invoicing, e- approvals, e-deliveries etc.), but according to the Accounting Act paper documents can be scanned or photographed and thus converted into electronic documents to facilitate their further processing. This process requires the creation of "digital post office" through which content paper is received, scanned and submitted in electronic form to authorized persons and scanned paper originals are archived to the marked place. Subsequent access to physical documents is easier, because you can quickly find the information where the document was laid aside, while we can find out information about the certified documents via barcode registration number on your mobile device.

Since Maris ERP already has a built-in archiving option of a large number of documents, the introduction of a comprehensive system does not require large additional investments. The system is complemented with an integrated solution for a quick documents scan, filing documents according to classification codes of the applicable regulations, documents verification solution and a security system that provides protection against unauthorized use.

Documents for certification are forwarded through automated procedure to authorized persons, with an additional notice by an e-mail as a reminder. In order to be automated, the procedure requires the prior development of documents circulation flows, as well as the powers and the hierarchy of the signatories. For accounts that are certified in certain amounts, the previous distribution by work orders is provided and automatically downloaded to the receivership.

Currently available basic options of the solutions are these:

  • receipt of documents
  • documents verification
  • documents archiving

Within them many necessary actions are elaborated.