Maris ERP System

MARIS is an integrated business information system (ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning) developed entirely by Međimurje IPC, aimed at companies with a wide scope of business activities and of different sizes regarding the number of employees or range of business information. It has been developed as an experience-based upgrade of a large number of implemented solutions, with the latest legislative changes taken into account, using modern technological developments and standards in data capture and communication.

When to use MARIS?

Are you starting a new business, or your information from an outdated, slow and dysfunctional IT system is not sufficient and timely? With respect for each of your investments, we will offer you the right solution, integrate your business processes and provide a full insight into your business transactions.

Where to use MARIS?

Regardless of the location, one or more of them, Maris will include every workplace in the company's production or management segment. Each business event enters the system at the time of its occurrence, and is further monitored until its realization, or its entry into business books.

Why use MARIS?

MARIS is the right choice because it is modern, robust and reliable, easy to learn and use, supported by new versions, continuously updating new business requirements. Behind MARIS there is a project team with vast experience, which in addition to software solutions can provide assistance in finding the best organizational solutions, as well as empirical recommendations for efficient and more cost effective operations. Our organized service network allows you smooth operation regardless of distance and time.

MARIS is a integrated business information system made out of a broad spectrum of interconnected modules applicable according to clients needs, Maris integrates solutions for planning and recording in production, construction, metal processing and textile industries, as well as commerce , hotel and services sectors. For business monitoring of the utilities (billing) companies special solutions have been developed, which cover all the business processes in these activities.

MARIS modules

  • General and legal affairs
  • Finance and accounting
  • Fixed assets
  • Commercial operations & marketing
  • Human resources
  • Utilities services-billing
  • Process and mass manufacturing
  • Construction management
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance operations
  • Business analysis – BI

MARIS ERP system is integrated with other systems and devices

  • E invoicing (B2B, B2C)- integration with multiple providers
  • Management of facilities and orders in production (MSProject- planning, SINTEC- automated working hours track record , implementation RN monitoring through an RF tag)
  • Hector, SCAN – retail and wholesale of petroleum products
  • KomBox System – AMR(automatic meter readout) system , waste management, GIS, parking systems
  • Hotels and services- telephone switchboards, OCR passport, smart rooms, on-line cash registers
  • State financial institutions (Fina, Tax authority, Regos)  and Payments of several banks
  • ISIDOR, MS SharePoint DMS – structured documents archiving

Finally, MARIS is the product of a stable IT company, whose long tradition ensures the longevity of your business information system. A large number of satisfied customers have chosen MARIS and the number keeps on growing.