Business intelligence

Building an integrated and  advanced information system aimed at decision making, is an integration of more ready-made tools and software solutions with existing, already introduced ERP solution Maris. We propose the introduction of tools for managing documents and projects, as well as business analysis solutions. Additional adjustments and improvements in the ERP system Maris creates a single entity of all the necessary information on the management portals.

Business Intelligence is a concept of an advanced business events management that some companies have introduced, many are thinking about it, but the question of usefulness arises. It should be noted that the system creates a presumption of solving management problems, offering an immediate response to the questions asked by each manager.The possibility of increasing the efficiency of management is defined by the industry, positioning of the company in the industry, technology which the company owns, tactics and strategy of the company. Business decisions are also defined by the level of capacity utilization. The benefits of the introduction of BI systems need not be observed only in the manner how the business will earn more. It can also be observed as how the company will not lose. That usually refers to the retention of key customers, in particular the ones competition aims for.

Implementation of our own decision support system(BI)  is our highly valuable service.