Products and Services

IT (Information Technology) of our company focuses on providing computer engineering to companies from  various fields of business. We are able to offer support throughout the whole life cycle of the future IT solutions, from the study, re-engineering, design and construction, to the implementation and maintenance of the introduced software solutions. We will provide you with all the necessary hardware and communications equipment, as well as implementation of a systematic program support and education of your employees. After the final introduction and realization of the new solutions, we continue with maintenance and improvements according to your requirements and needs.

Each and every one of our future users gets real value for money based on a "turnkey" principle. You have a full service contracted will only one company, which has all the necessary competencies and references. Before signing the  contract , we will offer you the final price with specification of all costs, which means that there are no unforeseen and additional costs, which would impose additional burden on the budget of any project.

We are recognized and proven in the regional market as a leading brand in several business areas. Our solutions are used by Croatian and foreign oil companies, distribution systems for water, heat and gas, retail chains and by hotels and restaurants in touristic destinations. Very well known are our solutions for utilities, construction, metal and other manufacturing companies.