About us

Međimurje IPC is a privately owned joint stock company and its origins date from 1976, which reflects a more than a 30 year tradition and continuity in the IT sector, demanding constant education, development and inovation. We take pride in this, since tradition longer than 30 years is a very long period in IT.

IPC is a project oriented organisation. The company has the area of 1755 m2 of its own office space in Čakovec, Croatia. We offer complete solutions in different areas of expertise. Complete computer engineering, with a wide range of solutions for many areas, a large number of supported platforms and tools for application development. The core activity of the company is computer engineering for complex business systems:

  • Oil industry(petrol stations)
  • Parking service
  • Construction sector
  • Utility organizations and distributors
  • Trade sector
  • Production sector
  • Catering and hotel industry
  • Touristic agencies
  • Other

Together with the equipment of our principals and business partners whose interests we represent, we offer our own software solutions. IPC traditionally through an experienced development team creates top notch products.  We are one of the biggest and most stable companies in the IT sector in Croatia with 60 full-time employees, mostly young, highly skilled, certified and educated workers from various fields of expertise. They manage a broad spectrum of various projects and the development of software solutions. People are the most valuable companies resource. We establish our growth on the human potential, its innovation and creativity and team work is the key factor to success. Our know-how is what holds the comparative advantage and added value in the technological integration.

All of our solutions are designed on “turn-key” principle from the development, implementation, consulting, integration and maintenance of the all around solution. Our goal is to deliver superior solution to our business users, with a constant improvement and adaptability to their needs. You can rely on us with confidence, since every specific problem is a challenge for us and we approach solving the problem with great care and interest.

Our solutions are mostly based on the Oracle database and Microsoft Windows operating system. For the application development we mostly use Oracle tools and Microsoft .NET technology. Our wish is to implement integrated solutions, which will incorporate all customer's business processes, so the platform we are working on is sometimes defined by it. Oracle and Microsoft are our long term partners, which also shows our unquestinable quality and stability of our end solutions.

Our main goal has always been and still to this day is, to continuously work on our technological development, innovation and creativity, all in the service of current and future customer satisfaction.

We are in posession of ISO 9001, 14001 and 27001 certificates.